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Bathroom Storage Racks

18 inch wrought iron bathroom storage rack in black finish    24  inch 2 shelf bath rack with towels and toiletries

Models 182HR ( 18 inch )  and  242HR ( 24 " )

Other Finish Suggestions for accessorizing the bathroom

24 inch 2 shelf bathroom rack in the gun maetal finish
242HR , 24" bathroom rack in GM , Gun Metal

18 inch wide bathroom shelf rack in Deep Bronze finish
182HR , 18" bath rack in DB , Deep Bronze

Other Wrought Iron Finish Suggestions

Wrought  Iron Black Metal Finish
SB Satin Black

Aged Iron Metal Finish
AI Aged Iron

 Antique Bronze Metal Finish
BR Antique Bronze

Burnished Copper Finish
BC Burnished Copper

Gun Metal Finish
GM Gun Metal

Deep Bronze wrought iron finish
DB Deep Bronze

Deep Red Iron Finish
DR Deep Red

Jade Teal Metal Finish
JT Jade Teal

Stone Metal Finish
ST Stone


Ivory Metal Finish
IV Ivory

Do you ever need just a little more room in a small space? Consider our wrought iron storage rack which is great for those extra towels and other necessaries in a family bathroom or as an addition to a guest bathroom for easy access. With two 18" or 24” wide metal storage shelves, there is plenty of room for this solid construction wrought iron rack in any room where you need a little more. We feature it here in a finish that will fit most decors and requires no assembly. Choose from any one our stock designer metal finishes to fit the decor requirements. Just unpack this little rack and enjoy the extra storage space that this 31” tall beauty offers. No assembly is required on this rack.

These functional metal racks offer a great solution to accessorizing the bath area while providing a little extra storage for items readily needed. With all of our wrought iron finish options you will have no problem color coordinating with any bathroom decor while providing a little extra storage space.

These all-metal pieces, like all of our other wrought iron products are hand made in the USA.

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