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hand painted art back patterns - for chairs and stools


Hibuscus flower art pattern
Floral Patterns

 Rose, Primrose, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Pansy and Daisy

Peach fruit art pattern

Peach, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Strawberry, Watermelon,
Kiwi, Lemon, Lime

Light Houses
Lighthouse Collection

Portland Head, West Quoddy Head, Boston Light, Others.

Marine art patterns
Marine Life Patterns
- Dolphin, Egret, Tropical Fish, Sea lions, Manatees

Sports Collection
- Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Tennis

Vegetable art patterns
- Tomato, Chili, Pumpkin, Garlic, Radish, Eggplant, Bell Pepper, More . . .

Waterfront art patterns
Waterfront Collection
- On-the-Wind, The Beach, Heave-To, Sunset

All Hand Painted Merchandise is Non-Returnable

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