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Lighthouses Hand Painted Art Patterns


Original Hand Painted Works of Art - Clear Coated for Protection
Can be used on any  18" Chair, 24" Counter Stool or 30" Bar Stool -   Swivel Stools - Bakers Racks
Items Numbers:  AL-18* Chair,  AL-24* Counter Stool,  AL-30* Bar Stool,
SW-24AL*  and SW-30AL*  Stools - 153A Bakers Racks

Cape Hateras Lighthouse art pattern
Cape Hatteras

Boston Light
Boston Light

Quoddy lighthouse
West Quoddy Head

Barney lighthouse
Old Barney

Lighthouse in storm art pattern
Light in the Storm

Portland Head lighthouse art pattern
Portland Head

More Patterns:   flowers    fruit    marine / waterfront    sports    lighthouses
Hand Painted Merchandise is Non-Returnable

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glass table tops     log home furniture

Made in the U.S.A. By Grace Mfg. Co. Inc.

Minimum Opening Order - Wholesale to the Trade ONLY! - Business License Required
Substantial Discounts Available for Volume Dealers
Contract, Commercial and Residential Designers Welcome!