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Battle shields - hanging display or Hand-held


plain or hand painted by our artists
All Shields are 18" x 24"

Wall Mounted Display Shield w/ Hanging Chain
Order Plain Hanging Shield as  SH100

Order Painted Hanging Shield as
SH200(A or B or C)
Art Patterns Graded Below as (A or B or C)
C being most complex
Plain black medieval shield with hanging chain       Plain medieval shield back
Front                            Back

Hand Held Battle Ready with Leather Straps
Order Hand Held Plain Shield as  SH250

Order Hand Painted Hand-Held  Shield as 
SH350(A or B or C)
Art Patterns Graded Below as (A or B or C)
C being most complex
Medieval battle shield with leather straps       Battle shield back view
Front                              Back

Price Grade A
Crusader medieval shield

Price Grade A
Hospitaller medieval shield

Knights Templar
Price Grade A
Templar knights shield red cross on white

White Cross
Price Grade B
Medieval cross shield

Richard Lion Heart
Price Grade B
Richard the lionhearted shield

Price Grade C
Gryphon shield

Fleur de Lis
Price Grade B
Fleur de Lis battle shield

Price Grade B

Rampant Lion Green
Price Grade B
Green rampant lion medieval shield

Price Grade c
Castle medieval display shield

Price Grade C
Stag deer shield

Price Grade C
Boar medieval shield

Lion de Noir
Price Grade B
Rampant lion

Purple Lion w/ Crown
Price Grade B
Purple rampant lion

Teutonic Knights
Price Grade B
Teutonic, Germanic order

Price Grade C
Unicorn shield

Price Grade A
Campbell yellow and gold shield

Price Grade C
Bears medieval shield

Eagle Rising II
Price Grade C
Eagle Rising

Price Grade A
Quarterly quadrant shield

Price Grade B
Germanic eagle

Custom Designs Available - Submit Image for Quote
Price Depends on Image Complexity and Number of Colors

Visit our friends at The Shield Factory for Custom Coat Of Arms


replica battle swords
(including Scottish and Celtic types)
Willaim Wallace sword

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