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Battle Swords - Scottish / Celtic Replica Weapons


SD901064 William Wallace Sword 
 Stainless Steel Blade
- 52" Total Length

William Wallace Scottish Claymore sword woth brass pommel and leather sheath

Close up of Sword Hilt Area
Distressed Leather Grip - Leather Scabbard -  Brass Hilt and Pommel  

SD901064-SL William Wallace Sword 
Stainless Steel Blade
- 52" Total Length
Same Item as Above with Nickel Siler Finish Hilt and Pommel
William Wallace Sword with Silver Finish Hilt and Pommel and leather sheath

Closeup of Hilt Area 

SD910882 - Scottish Highlands Broadsword
Complete with Brass Quillions on Hilt - High Quality
Scottish Regimental broadsword

Closeup of Hilt Detail
Flannel Lined Basket Brass Hilt - Wire Wrapped Leather Handle
High Carbon Steel Blade and Scabbard - 41" total length - 34" Blade

SD902914 Galahad Battle-Ready Sword and Sheath
Gallahad battle sword
Brass Hilt and Pummel , Wooden Grip - 38" Long
Stainless Steel Blade - Includes Leather Black Sheath w/Detail

SD901055-BK Celtic Battle Sword Stainless Blade
Charcoal Wood Grip
Celtic battle sword with leather sheath

Closeup of  Sword Hilt Detail
31" Long Total - Chrome Nickel Hilt and Pommel - Comes with Sheath

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