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Medieval Suits of Armor

We Offer Replica Armour at Wholesale

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Decorate Your Castle Walls (Or Dungeon) in Medieval High Style with
14th, 15th and 16th Century Medieval Suits of Armor - Authentic Reproductions


Aged Sentinel suit of armor
"The Sentinel" Aged Suit of Armor
Armor Replica - Aged Finish Shown
6'4" Tall w/ Stand & Sword -  Wearable
Looks 500 Years Old - Impressive
15th Century - Made in Italy

Medieval armor knight the Sentinel with sword and stand
"The Sentinel" Natural 
Armor Replica, Natural Finish
6'4" Tall w/ Stand & Sword
Wearable 15th Century Styling
Made in Italy

Spanish suit of armor with wood stand and medieval sword
AR700-2153 "Sir Gallant"
16th Century Armor w/ Lions Suit of Armor
6'5" Tall w/ Stand & Sword
Solid Brass Lion Breast Plate Detail
Made in Spain

Suit of armor with halberd medieval pole axe weapon
16th Century Armor
Made in Italy  -  5'11" Tall to top of Helmet

Light Weight  Aluminum

Wholesale to the Trade ONLY!
Business License Required

Prices Fluctuate According to Current Euro / Dollar Exchange Rate

If you are a retail customer, you may purchase one of our suits of armor from any of our authorized dealers like . Contact us for more info on any of our replica medieval armor dealers.

These medieval armor replica pieces are manufactured overseas and import by us.

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