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Decorative Medieval Swords - Stainless Steel


Decorate Your Castle Walls (Or Dungeon) in Medieval High Style

SD926628-GD Excalibur , Sword of  King Arthur
Excalibur medieval sword with gold finish hilt and pommel
44" Total Length  - Gold Finish  Hilt and Pommel - 440 Stainless Blade

SD522 Sword of Alphonso X with Sheath
Alphonso medieval sword
33" Long Stainless Steel Blade - 40" Total Length - Wire-Wrap Grip 
Alphonso Sword Hilt

SD520 Tizona Sword of El Cid with Sheath
Medieval sword - Tizona of El Cid with leather sheath
33" Long Stainless Steel Blade - 40 1/2" Total Length - Wire-Wrap Grip
Sword Hilt

SD3209  Sword of Charlemagne  
Charlemagne medieval sword
440 Alloy Stainless Steel Construction - Solid Brass Hilt and Pommel - Wire Wrapped Grip - 42" Long Total

Medieval Shields

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William Wallace long Scottish claymore sword

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